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What if there is inclement weather?
Posted On:
Thursday, January 02, 2014
If school is closed or delayed due to bad weather here is what you need to know!


Inclement Weather Information:

In the event that there is a school closing, early dismissal or a delay, a Connect Ed call will be made by Hamilton County DOE to the number you provided to the school at registration. We encourage parents to not depend solely on a phone call but to also monitor local TV stations or media websites for accurate updates for up to date information.


·        What if school is dismissed early? - Once a dismissal time has been announced, please remember that it takes at least 3 ½ hours for buses to complete their routes. We cannot dismiss all schools at one time due to the limited number of available buses.  For example, when we announce that dismissals will start at 1:00, it applies to schools that begin at 7:15 and end at 2:15 (tier 1).  Normally, it takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour for the buses to make this run.  The buses will then report to the schools that start at 8:15 (tier 2), and 45 minutes to an hour later, the buses should be reporting to the schools that start at 9:00 (tier 3).  If your child is a car rider, you may dismiss your child as directed by HCDE. We will work within the time frame given by HCDE. For example, if school dismisses early at 1:00 then all car riders will begin dismissal in the car line at 12:45.

·        What if school is delayed? The school will not have teachers on duty to monitor children in the event of a delay so please do not drop your kids off earlier than the announced time. Also SACC may or may not be open. The HCDE announcement will usually alert you as to whether or not the SACC program will be open. Students may begin arriving at school on a normal day at 8:05 and they are tardy at 8:30. So if there is a 2 hour delay kids can begin arriving at 10:05 and they are tardy at 10:30. If there is a 1 hour delay they may enter at 9:05 and they are tardy at 9:30.


  • What about severe weather?
    • Tornado Warning Procedures- if our building goes into lock down due to a tornado warning, the front doors will be locked to protect the safety of front office employees. All employees will be called to the hall for safety and therefore no dismissals will occur during a tornado warning. We recommend that you do not try to dismiss your child under these conditions for the safety of all children and employees.


    • If we are under a severe weather warning during dismissal, we will pause until the weather has subsided and it is safe for all staff to proceed with the process of loading cars and buses.


    • Hamilton County Schools builds in 13 extra days into its school calendar, beyond the state requirement of 180 days. Of these, 6 are used for Professional Development and 7 are dedicated to inclement weather. When school opens on a delayed schedule, this does not count as a day.


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