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New OSP payment Information
Posted On:
Thursday, July 27, 2017

We are starting our 4th year with OSP as a payment option for our students and parents and several of our schools have had great success. This payment option greatly reduces the potential for error or loss, as well as the cash collection workload for the teachers and office staff.  The principals were very receptive when I suggested offering this method of payment to your students/parents at registration.
One approach is to set up a couple of laptops or stations in your lobby/registration area so that people can log in and pay for the various fees. This will be linked directly to their student and to each class. It is a bit more time-consuming if this is the first time they are signing in, so I recommend sending out a Connect-Ed message with this information before registration day. Ideally, you would set up these fees to be available before registration so the parents can pay before coming in. With this method, the convenience fees (4%) are charged to the parent.
Another option is to utilize the credit card reader that we’ve been discussing lately. With this device, the parent can pay any total amount but it won’t be linked automatically to their student or classes. All funds will go into one account such as General Instruction – 5203.000. The bookkeeper will allocate funds to the appropriate teacher/class. For middle and high schools with multiple fee amounts, there will need to be a registration form to accompany each payment so it can be divided out (allocated) as necessary. For elementary schools, which typically only have the one supply fee, it could be logged on a collection log sheet as it has been in the past. With this method, the convenience fees (4%) are charged to the school.
If you haven’t already, please sign up for one of the training webinars for OSP by going to this link:

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