Dress Code

Students are expected to arrive at school clean and neatly dressed. Choice of clothing rests primarily with parents and child, and should in no way interfere with learning. Parents are asked to see that their children are dressed properly for prevailing weather conditions.
However, in cases in which the health, safety, and disruption of the educational process results from a student’s clothing, the school administration reserves the right to require that a student obey the standards that contribute to a safe, orderly school.
The following guidelines should be followed when dressing for school:
* Shirts with spaghetti straps are not allowed. Examples of appropriate shirts include button down shirts, crew neck pull-over shirts, polo shirts, turtleneck shirts, etc. Shirts may not be sheer or see-through, backless, or have holes in them.
*Pants, including jeans, may be worn on any day. However, pants must not have holes in them. Additionally, pants that are excessively tight are not appropriate, and sagging is prohibited.
*Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least fingertip (mid-thigh) length. Shorts that are excessively short or tight, such as but not limited to, physical education type shorts, spandex or leotard type shorts, cut-offs, etc. are not appropriate.
*Tennis shoes or closed toed shoes must be worn in the building. However, footwear with attached wheels, “heelies” is prohibited.
*Hats may not be worn in the building. However, students may wear toboggans or beanie hats outside at recess during the colder months. Any messages on these head coverings must be appropriate and must not contain any offensive or suggestive language.
*Clothing which advocates negative advertisements is prohibited, as is the wearing of clothing or accessories which are offensive and could cause the destruction of the operation of the school. Items, such as t-shirts, may fall in this category if they contain indecent or suggestive language.

Children should be appropriately dressed for school; school administration shall have final authority in determining what is appropriate. The administration reserves the right to add or delete from the above dress code in order to maintain a safe educational environment.
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